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Book Review "Herold Internal Medicine 2010"  (amazon.de)
  • Indispensable bible of internal medicine
    The book has become an indispensable reference work for many physicians and a learning bible for many medical students. (...) The author wrote this book based on his lecture notes during his specialist medical training for internal medicine. Due to its positive response, it became a long-lasting success of medicine.
    The presentation does not stray off into confusing texts; it is short but accurate, to Van der Rohe’s guiding principle: Less is more. The language is easy to understand.

    For everyone who likes dense but comprehensive presentations, it is an absolute MUST.
    Up to date.

Book Review "Herold Internal Medicine 2009"  (amazon.de)
  • Concentrated facts
    One need not argue about the didactic structure. Buying this book means to make a compromise with the fact that this textbook does not have a typical didactic structure. But this is certainly not the purpose of the book. Annual updates consider the latest medical guidelines. What other book can offer this?
    Nevertheless, this book also includes a variety of simple yet informative charts.

    An absolute Must for medical students
    This book is an absolute Must for every medical student. It is a very well structured book of reference, where all internal diseases and their treatment according to the latest guidelines can be looked up. It is also extremely useful for clinical internship for preparing for the final exam.

    There is no alternative
    This is a reference book without any alternative – it is second to none. It has everything one needs for the day-to-day clinical work or for crash learning. It should be in every book shelf.

    After having gained an overview of the book’s contents, it is clear that one can really find all data relevant for the final exam.

    Not just a lecture-script
    ...also for many non-internists, this book is an absolute must-have. Working in a field like neurology, one is frequently confronted with internal medical problems, e.g. in case of stroke in elder patients. I used to consult my colleagues from different specialties about blood pressure treatment, antibiotics for chest infections after aspiration etc. several times a day. Now, the latest "Herold" edition is always a good first helper to turn to. In order to be reasonably up to date, I buy a new edition every 3 years. It is the only book on internal medicine which has survived the long years on my desk in the latest edition. In case I should need to consult an internist, "Herold" will help me filling in the request form by asking a practical question.

    Superb overall view
    The book offers explanations in a brief yet detailed way. It is easy to understand the texts (always popular with doctors... student nurses also appreciate it).

Book Review "Herold Internal Medicine 2005"  (thieme.de/medi-learn.de)
  • Brief Description
    "Herold" is a compendium of Internal Medicine. In 17 chapters, the reader can find all subject areas logically arranged and therefore clearly represented. The arrangement of the chapters is always the same, thus making a good overall view possible.

    Target group
    "Herold" is suited for all students who have passed their preliminary medical examination, for clerkship and medical assistants. It is an excellent study- and revision book both for examinations and for the daily hospital work.

    "Herold" is a compact reference work with a tendency to a textbook. For every particular disease there is a list of causes, differential diagnosis, pathogenesis, progression, diagnosis, therapy and prognosis. Every subject is treated soundly and contains the essentials. Due to the yearly revision, innovations in therapy and diagnosis can be considered in the current edition.
    Within a very short time, the reader receives a host of information and feels well informed about every subject area. In order to understand deep reaching connections, it is partially necessary to consult a more comprehensive book on internal medicine. In general, though, “Herold” definitely is sufficient for covering the necessary knowledge on this subject.
    What I appreciate most are important remarks and pieces of advice which can be very helpful for the daily work in the hospital. Moreover, important German and American textbooks (e.g. Harrison) are being considered. For this reason, "Herold" is also recommended for the USMLE-exam of the ECFMG.

    The facts are presented in well readable sentences and key points. Therefore, fast reading and structured learning are very well possible. Apart from important pieces of advice for hospital work, the reader also gets useful information for making a diagnosis.
    You simply have to like Herold’s style of writing to have the most important facts almost pocket-sized at hand. For all those, however, who love big textbooks with many pictures, coloured charts, theorems or revisions, “Herold” is rather unsuited.

    Every special field is classified by syndromes. All important facts are represented practically and clearly arranged – starting from the definition, continuing with the pathogenesis, important differential diagnoses which have to be considered, up to the diagnosis and therapy. Beside a detailed table of contents and index, "Herold" also shows standard values, vaccination schedules and ICD 10-codes.

    Importance for the local university
    Due to the topicality in diagnosis and therapy, "Herold" is absolutely recommendable. In our POL-courses (Problem Oriented Learning) in Dresden, "Herold" is the book to which we will always return. No other book is better suited for preparing for written and oral exams, unless you don’t like its compact style.

    The cover price is 47 EUR. (...) This is really an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

    To sum up, there is hardly any other book offering so many facts so clearly represented. I can only recommend this book to every medical student. “Herold” will always be a good companion, and not just while studying.

Book Review "Herold Internal Medicine 2003"  (anint.de)
  • In medical bookstores, shelves are packed with textbooks trying to outdo each other in size, content and appearance. It seems to get more and more important to spice the new edition visually with a new outfit, but often only small details are changing in the content.
    The results of these optical structure experiments are often overloaded with graphics and colourful pages, which – although nice to look at – in most cases just cost more money.
    "Internal Medicine – a lecture-oriented presentation", nicknamed "The Herold", takes a different approach. Contrary to Microsoft‘s XP time spirit of colourful images, for decades it has been concentrating on the essentials of a textbook.

    The content
    In 18 chapters the book contains all issues of internal medicine in a comprehensive and complete form. There is no unnecessary waffle, but exact facts are presented in clear sentences and key points.
    In addition, "The Herold" often points out special problems, reference sites on the internet and the latest study results. The structure of the chapter content is very well understandable, despite the lack of colours and little pictures. The author Gerd Herold uses Bold, Underline and Grey Background as design tools, like we used to do with the good old tried and tested typewriter.
    Herold’s "Internal Medicine" is edited annually, and it is always up to date.
    There are many cross-references to reference pages on the internet; new drugs are included as well as the recommendations of professional societies. Such topicalty is rare amongst textbooks, however it is essential in day-to-day medical practice.
    The third reason for the success story "Herold": The textbook ranges far below the average of comparable (content) textbooks, in which the price is now rapidly approaching € 100. It is a textbook with an excellent price-performance ratio.
    Bottom Line: "Internal Medicine" by Gerd Herold has got everything a textbook needs: No colourful outfit, no unnecessary pictures or graphics, but pure facts. The annual updating and the very moderate price make "The Herold" a first class textbook which has accompanied several generations of doctors.

Book Review of Internal Medicine: The Herold  (springer.de/medizin-online.de)
  • The "Herold" is recommended to all those who want quick and comprehensive information about any issue on internal medicine. This standard learning book offers concentrated information in a small size.
    Talking about "The Herold", usually every doctor or medical student knows what is meant by it. This handy textbook of the publisher Dr. Herold, MD, even fits into a white coat pocket. It provides concentrated information on internal medicine and also is a comprehensive reference.
    19 chapters – each of them dedicated to the various disciplines of internal medicine – provide both basic information and new knowledge. Herold not only presents standard fields like cardiology and endocrinology, but also newer areas such as the somatoform disorders and bullying-induced diseases.
    Basic information on the individual diseases, but also specific information are clearly presented in a repetitive pattern. Annually, the book appears in an updated edition. Tips and advices for everyday clinical practice, easily understandable explanations of more complicated issues, and the ICD codes included in the text make this book a great asset to students and doctors alike.
    With its modest appearance and lack of coloured figures, the book fully concentrates on its contents and at the same time, it is available at a low price.
    Whether for the preparation for exams as a reference book or for everyday clinical practice, “Herold” satisfies all the demands a physician can make on a medical book.

Herold, the Magic Word of Internal Medicine  (ciao.com)
  • I have owned "Herold" for a longer period of time, and I must say the investment in a book has never paid off like this before.
    It is really astonishing and hard to believe that the supreme discipline of medicine, Internal Medicine, should fit into such a small book.
    But this is really the case and not at the expense of quality. Every subject is dealt with neatly, and everything important can be looked up, an ideal textbook for written tests, exams and everyday hospital work (e.g. during clinical internship or clerkship).
    The book is written in a language easy to understand, and due to its small size, you can take it with you everywhere without rupturing yourself.
    Again and again, you will find good pieces of advice and important remarks which can spare you some awkward situation during your daily hospital work. For this reason, this book can only be recommended to all students, as a kind of standard compulsory reading so to speak.

    Informational content: Very instructive
    Imparting of the subject: Very good
    Required previous knowledge: Suited for laymen as well as for experts
    Type of book: Jotter

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