About the book

"Herold: Internal Medicine" is a lecture oriented representation taking account of the topic catalogue for the medical examination for physicians. It contains ICD-10 codes within the text and the index of entries.

Approx. 800 pages

  • Systematically the complete topics of internal medicine
  • Accentuation of "pitfalls" which are important for exams
  • Taking account of the most important German and American textbooks (i.e. Harrison)
  • Therefore also recommended for the American ECFMG certificate (USMLE)
  • Table of clinical-chemical normal values with SI units
  • Taking account of "evidence based medicine"
  • ICD-10 codes within the text and the index

"Herold: Internal Medicine" has become a standard compendium of internal medicine in Germany, being published for more than three decades now. It has been updated annually, therefore it always contains the actual knowledge of internal medicine and the latest medical guidelines.
The textbook gives an overview of the complete topics with detailed information about diagnosis and therapy. It has a clear structure which makes it easy to find the necessary information quickly; this makes it, as it has been written in a review, an "indispensable reference work for many physicians and a learning bible for many medical students" who use it for preparing for their exams.
Or as it has been written in another review, "the reader can find all subject areas logically arranged and therefore clearly represented. The arrangement of the chapters is always the same, thus making a good overall view possible."
A third review describes it as follows: "Within a very short time, the reader receives a host of information and feels well informed about every subject area. In order to understand deep reaching connections, it is partially necessary to consult a more comprehensive book on internal medicine. In general, though, »Herold« definitely is sufficient for covering the necessary knowledge on this subject. (...) The facts are presented in well readable sentences and key points. Therefore, fast reading and structured learning are very well possible. Apart from important pieces of advice for hospital work, the reader also gets useful information for making a diagnosis."
Another review describes it like this: "Such topicalty is rare amongst textbooks, however it is essential in day-to-day medical practice. (...) The textbook ranges far below the average of comparable (content) textbooks, in which the price is now rapidly approaching € 100. It is a textbook with an excellent price-performance ratio."
Because of its success, the textbook has been translated into several languages. And now it finally is available in the first English edition.

HEROLD – simply ingenious!

Table of contents:
Volume I:
  1. Hematology
  2. Cardiology
  3. Pneumology
  4. Gastroenterology part 1
Volume II:
  1. Gastroenterology part 2
  2. Salt and water homeostasts
  3. Nephrology
  4. Rheumatology
  5. Metabolic system disorders
  6. Endocrinology
  7. Angiology
  8. Infectious diseases
  9. Annex (infectious diseases)
  10. Somatoform disorders
  11. Bullying at work and illness
  12. Smoking risks and cessation support
  13. Alcoholism
  14. Physical exercise and health
  15. Poverty and disease
  16. Medical reports
  17. Occupational diseases
  18. Haemophoresis
  19. Geriatrics
  20. Rehabilitation
  21. Intoxications
  22. Biochemistry and haematology reference intervals

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Vol. 1: ISBN 978-1-291-72733-3 (Lulu-Product 23481329)
Vol. 2: ISBN 978-1-291-72734-0 (Lulu-Product 23481331)
E-Book (PDF): ISBN 978-1-326-91228-4 (Lulu-Product 23481336)