Legal Disclaimer

All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of science and medicine are continuously evolving:
Therefore the herein presented medical evidence is state of the technical and scientific art at the time of the editorial deadline for the respective edition of the book.

All details provided herein related to a particular therapeutic mode of administration and dosing of drugs are screened employing utmost measures of accuracy and precision.
Unless explicitly specified otherwise, all drug administration and dosing regimens presented herein are for healthy adults with normal renal and hepatic function.
Liability cannot be assumed for any type of dosing and administration regimen presented herein.
Each reader is advised to carefully consult the respective market authorization holders directions for use of the recommended drugs, medical devices and other means of therapy and diagnosis.

This applies in particular also to market authorization holders summaries of product characteristics for pharmaceutical products. Despite all care, there may be translation errors. The reader is advised to carefully check information related to the indication for use, contraindications, dosing recommendations, side effects and interactions with other medications!
All modes of medication use and administration are at the consumers risk. The author and his team cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by wrong therapy or diagnosis.

Please refer to, i.e: www.leitlinien.de or www.guideline.gov

The trade name of a trade name registered product does not provide the legal privilege to employ the trade name as a free trade mark even if it is not specifically marked as such.

Drugs which are sold as generics are referred to throughout the book by their generic name and not necessarily by a particular brand name.

Remark: ICD 10 code version 1.3 has been employed for the index. Since in the current edition ICD 10 code version 2.0 was used, different code numbers may have been assigned to indexed items!

No part of the book – neither in part or in toto – may be reproduced in any format (print, copy, microfilm, electronic storage, use and/or distribution by any electronic format including the internet) in the absence of an explicit written permission by the editor.

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